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​​Starr Zhou 

Chief Executive Officer of Wardour Studios Asia Pacific


Vice Chairman of Wardour Studios China


Neo Chow 

Chief Executive Officer of Wardour Studios Hong Kong

Pan Jiawei  

​​​Wardour Studios China Team

Chen Zhen 
​​​​Wardour Studios China Team

Wardour Studios Academy


Partnership with Haikou University

Starting September 2020

Sherlock Sun 

Wardour Studios China Team


Andy Chen

Wardour Studios China Team


Lorenzo Traina

Chief Marketing Officer of Wardour Studios China


Anson Shen 

Chief Business Officer of Wardour Studios China


Mingxia Zhu 
Chief Executive Officer of Wardour Studios Dalian


​​Chris Goldenson (Wardour Production Offices)

Chaplin Talent Management

Roland Kim (Wardour Digital Effects President)

Wardour Talent Acquisition Team


Michael Diller (Maradonia, Feature Film Project Manager)



Wardour Studios does not accept unsolicited scripts,

but is happy to look at material from directors and writers with representation.

Steven Nia (Chairman)

Lee Baker (Chief Executive Officer / Director / Producer / Screenwriter)

​​Angelina Leo (Chief Operating OfficerFull Bio

​​Frankie Ordoubadi (Chief Development Officer)

​Jarom Sidwell (Visual Effects Supervisor)

​​Dr. Dennis O’Brien (Chief Financial Officer)

​Dr. Stephen Browne (Chief Strategy Officer)

Angela Zhu (Vice Chairman

Yoyo Yuan (Vice Chairman of Finance Committee)

Moses E. Miller, Jr. (Co-creative Development)

Moroni Taylor (Story and Storyboard Director) 

​​Henry Liu (Producer / Screenwriter)

Yoyo Liu (Executive Producer / Producer)

Chen Chen (Executive Assistant to CEO)

Lucy Rogers (Film Development Team)

Alicia Henderson (Investor Relations)

Lisa Klein (Executive Assistant)​

George M. Thomas (Wardour Marketing Dept.)

Charles Levin (Chief Technology Officer)

​​Robert Katzenberg (Wardour Public Relations)

Wardour Legal Team

​John Hidary (Wardour Accounting Dept.)​

Jeffrey Cohen (General Inquiry)

Leonard Katz (Crossroads to Shaolin - Associate Producer)

Wardour Webmaster